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Our mission


The Hotel Seehof Berlin offers guests a journey through time into the flair of the past here and now. At the same time, with our responsible work, we make a future-oriented journey possible for guests, employees, suppliers, and partners.


We... are a family-run hotel with nostalgic charm in the metropolis of Berlin. We offer our national and international guests warm, familiar, and dedicated hospitality. We also attach particular importance to a trusting and appreciative relationships with our employees, because they are the ones who guarantee our service qualities every day.


We… come from different cultures and together we are one team. Every member of our team can and should get involved in our business and will be supported from older team members. We have equal opportunities and gender equality. Discrimination, racism, mobbing, and sexual harassment are not tolerated by us. We have a flat hierarchy that allows us to work together as equals. Loyalty is a principle based on reciprocity, honesty, and reliability. We rely on motivated employees who care about the well-being of the guest and the well-being of our house.


We... the management and the staff see ourselves as "hosts". Our guests are the focus of everything we do, and we always try to do our best to ensure their well-being during their stay. We achieve this by personally addressing and looking after our guests. We gratefully accept any justified criticism or complaint, because that gives us the chance to change something to become better.


We... want to meet the expectations of our guests. To achieve this, we have quality standards that we apply constantly. We stand for quality - this is part of our daily work and includes all company processes.


We... see active, environmentally conscious, and environmentally friendly corporate management as a matter of course. We are committed to protecting and relieving our environment through our actions. We work in an energy-saving and resource-saving manner and are happy about every guest, supplier and partner who does the same.


We… run our business solidly and honestly. Well thought-out concepts for innovation and qualitative growth are decisive for us to be able to respond to the needs of our guests by constantly adapting and improving our services. This also applies to operational processes.


We… respect all employees, guests, suppliers, and partners. We treat each other openly, honestly, and tolerantly. We are authentic in what we offer our guests and in our work. New needs and trends are taken up and integrated into our offer, as far as it suits our house, is environmentally friendly and increases the well-being of the guest.


We... aim to make a profit to keep the company financially stable and thereby secure jobs and enable investments. The relationship between our services and the price charged for them is perceived by the guest as credible and fair.

Social Commitment

We... support the Berliner Tafel e.V. with the "Soup with a purpose" campaign and we give our hotel and restaurant guests the opportunity to do something good during their visit to us. When a guest orders a soup in our restaurant, one euro is automatically donated to the Berliner Tafel e.V. They use the proceeds to help needy and homeless people in Berlin. Furthermore, we support "Deutschland summt!" with a regular financial contribution and thus make an important contribution to species protection and to a sustainable future worth living in. Information booklets are available for our guests in the hotel rooms.


We... are guided by this mission statement and allow ourselves to be measured by it. The yardstick here is never the maximum profit, but the constant consideration of the balance between the three pillars of sustainability - ecology, economy, and social issues.